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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I think it's you who needs to check the hardware.. The speccy is a great computer, but it can't be compared to C64.

No hardware scrolling, shit sound capabilities, and 8 colours compared to 16 (128 possible with tricks!). It's as clear as day which is the superior machine.
Takes me back to the Speccy Vs C64 Vs Cpc banter in the playground ,i own several units of both systems and although i have seen afew good games on the C64 like Ik+,Rainbow Islands,Armalyte and Nebulus my opinion is unchanged - Speccy rules , there were simply not enough good games on the C64.
The graphics on the speccy were fine and did the job i mean at least they were neat enough so you could work out what you was looking at unlike the C64 and although people slag off the later monochrome graphics of the speccy and sound the poo like colours on the C64 were dull and garish and the church organ drone of the commodore sound used to remind me of the dentist chair.
Lots of playable games make the Speccy the clear winner.

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