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plugins for octamed

sorry gonna copy/paste from a previous post on another board cuz im too lazy to write it again... if this is the wrong forum feel free to delete

hi, ive been working on a few plugins for octamed... below is a crappy video of a sample chopper im working on.

teeth!: is a sample chopper. it has a randomize function for randomly rearranging a sample. it also has a lock feature for locking areas you don't want rearranged. you can also manually rearrange a sample using the lock feature, or you can manually edit + chop a sample using the select/copy/paste tools. they automatically adjust to select/copy/paste convenient areas (1/8 1/16 1/32, etc). you can also rearrange/chop/paste multiple samples together. theres also a random retrigger feature that will randomly retrigger areas of the audio... eventually i'll make this like the lock feature so you can force retrigger (or not).

timebomb!: will automatically resample a sample to match the bpm of a project. it supports any range of both bpm and spd. i spent a lot of time coming up with the equations that actually calculate this... it was a bitch because there is no documentation anywhere about it + it was fairly complicated math. timebomb can also automatically transpose a sample using octamed's instrument settings rather than resample.

earache!: is basically a frontend for some of octamed's built in effects. handy to have everything conveniently located. (inspired by anakirob)

destroy!: not pictured, is basically a frontend for sox with a few features of timebomb! supports high pass, low pass, bandpass filters, compression, timestretching (instead of resampling), a bitcrusher (2bit 4bit), and a destroy option that will insanely distort the audio.

everything runs fast on an emulated amiga 4000. i've run them all on my real amiga 600 + they are pretty slow... ~ 1minute for resampling with sox, ~15 secs to resample with octamed's internal resampler, ~10 secs to chop a breakbeat. although slow on a 600, they are all %100 compatible with a 68000 cpu as well as workbench 2.1. sorry for the lame video, i hate making videos. will try to post some vids of the others later.

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