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Actually, these emulators are real MUST HAVE in every AMIGA I enjoy a lot Master System, MSX and Gameboy games in my A1200. For some time AmiMSX was the best MSX available emulator and it's great to play Konami MSX 1 SCC games on it, for example Nemesis 2 or F1 Spirit.

Thanks Juan for your great work I still enjoy also the games you worked on MSX

Originally Posted by AmigaDave View Post
For those of us that don't know much about your emulators, a more detailed description of what they are and what they can run would be helpful on your website. For instance, AmiGameBoy is very obvious, but what is AmiPC-Engine and what games can it run? Is it a MSDOS emulator for the Amiga that runs only MSDOS based games, or does it run Windows games, or is it something else?

I love having my Amigas emulate other systems and types of PC's, so thanks for your work on these projects. It is great showing off how versatile an Amiga can be.
PC Engine is the Japanese name of NEC-Hudson's Turbografx console... (Turbografx 16 on USA)

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