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Originally Posted by fpgaarcade View Post
How would it help?
The intention is not to "limit" supply of these in any way. As soon as the beta program is finished then they will be built to order in batches as long as people want them.
Have you given any more thought to the idea of trying to go mainstream retail with a product based on this design? If packaged and marketed right, I think it might be a good seller to thousands of potential users. Not just for Amiga emulation, but for the emulation of dozens of Arcade Consoles and a few other "Vintage" computer systems in addition to the Amiga. Perhaps more time is needed to write, or perfect the code for the Arcade Consoles and there might be licensing issues with emulating other old computer systems, but partnering with Colanto to provide Amiga and C64 compatibility with a valid license, should be easy (if you can get them to return your emails, or phone calls). They should be interested in providing an OEM version of AmigaForever & C64Forever at a small discount, due to volume sales.
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