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First of all, this is my first post on EAB, so hello to everyone

I was an avid Amiga user in 80s and early 90s and lately I joined again the Italian forums. I own several classics (A1000,2000,500,600,1200+exp) plus a minimig 4MB (soon I hope with an Arm controller) completed by one AmigaNG.

Having introduced myself (apologies for being too long) I come back to the topic..

Thanks to Mike and Yaqube for keeping us posted about Replay developments. For what I have seen so far out there, this is not so common, and needs to be acknowledged.

I am a quite happy minimig user (BTW thanks Yaqube for all your efforts, very much appreciated) and I look forward to using the FPGAreply board too.

I wish to book one board of the next available batch, whenever it would be ready, and could send some money in advance if needs be (like I did for the ARM controller).

I believe it is too early for this, however I would also be interested in the daughter-board once this is available.

Keep up the good work, and thanks

Greetings from Italy

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