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Originally Posted by AmigaDave View Post
I didn't realize that the first run was only for 10 boards, but that is understandable with any project to make the first run small until you are sure about it being the final design.

I want one of the 50 from the second batch if they are not all spoken for already. Or I would even take one of the first 10, but I am pretty sure that they are already promised to other people. Let me know.
This highlights a small issue. I see many people who say they want one and understandably this is going to get repeated on many forums. People express interest, some more definitely than others. MikeJ is collecting interest so he can know who might but we don't know how that is working.

Is there a master list that shows where people are in a queue to buy these? It might help if we knew or saw this. Then again it might not!
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