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Originally Posted by fpgaarcade View Post
The first batch of 10 RevB boards were all machine assembled.
I needed to do a slight tweak to the board which is delaying the rest of them being produced. I've just placed an order for the Xilinx and PCBs for another 50 which will be built asap, I'm pretty happy with the hardware.

As far as shipping goes if people are happy with the state of the current core (beta testing will show this) then they can have them. I'm going to focus on the firmware now the hardware is complete.
I didn't realize that the first run was only for 10 boards, but that is understandable with any project to make the first run small until you are sure about it being the final design.

I want one of the 50 from the second batch if they are not all spoken for already. Or I would even take one of the first 10, but I am pretty sure that they are already promised to other people. Let me know.

I think you should be proud of the hardware design Mike, it is beautiful and very well designed. I am sure you will sell lots of these boards, or complete systems, is that is what you eventually decide to do.

The firmware can always be updated later as you finalize it, right? If these first 10 boards run as well as the demo video you have shown, I would think that they are ready to be shipped to whomever is waiting for them.
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