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Floppy disk Update: jAMAL alpha 0.42

Changes from alpha 0.41 in alpha 0.42:

• Now supports AMAL functions with multiple arguments (=XScreen(1,2), =YScreen(1,2), =XHard(1,2), =YHard(1,2), =BobCol(1,2,3), =SpriteCol(1,2,3)). Collision detection and multiple screen support is not yet implemented.
• =Z function (for random numbers) no longer locks up when used without an argument (still needs more work).

I also include documentation in PDF format. As before, you can get these files over at SourceForge.
This upgrade fixes a major bug in the Lexer, which now allows for all AMAL functions and instructions to be parsed (=Z without brackets is still to do).
Stay tuned for a working example or three at a later date, once I implement multiple screen support and collision detection.

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