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Originally Posted by Ebster View Post
acatune -maprom * p ...the $c.... memory option not used and everything else switched on...
Here's your problem: You're using chipmem cacheing, which will cause issues. Note that none of the CPUblit-like programs really replace all of the blitter operations. I have already decided not to include the chipcache option in the next batch of accelerators.

Originally Posted by Ebster View Post
i think the temperature is to high when these issues appear. i can e.g. run a load of whdload demos and experience no problems. then i play the game payback off my harddrive, quite exessive cpu usage, and after exiting to workbench problems occur. e.g. the clear ram icon becomes crippeled. or i open the system folder and most of the icons are simply not there.
Might as well be a software issue. Try restarting the whole system before you draw premature conclusions.

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