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i am sorry to say, after i removed e123c and e125c i still have issues - not that often and predictable but still the system seems a little unstable.

i use the aca1230/56 on an a1200 rev.1b, 3.1roms, amigakits pcmcia reset fix and pcmcia cf adapter installed, internal scanmagic flicker fixer, ide cf adapter as a harddrive. classicwb advsp (comes with fblit) installed. i changed all capacitors before first installing the aca and the computer hasn't been used in years until now.

acatune -maprom * p ...the $c.... memory option not used and everything else switched on...

i think the temperature is to high when these issues appear. i can e.g. run a load of whdload demos and experience no problems. then i play the game payback off my harddrive, quite exessive cpu usage, and after exiting to workbench problems occur. e.g. the clear ram icon becomes crippeled. or i open the system folder and most of the icons are simply not there. maybe a freeze or guru and so on. then i let adoom run the demo sequence for an hour and everything seems fine. donkey kong via coolness emu leads to issues quite fast again. some programs like to cause them and others don't - but everytime it happens the bottom of the amiga seems quite hot.

i will open a ticket if i don't get further myself.

i love individual computers :-) (and vesalia, alinea, amigakit!!!)

but maybe someone here likes to discuss first..... i will try turning off options of acatune, first of all this chip option that requires cpublit to work. etc. etc. is there a recommended command for my setup, e.g. acatune -maprom * p >nil:

thanks for your ideas

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