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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Not sure where you get that idea from. I'd be more than happy if it is only weeks away but I suspect not.

I havent been excited by something Amiga related since owning a 1260 when they came out and TBH that was a little disappointing. This will be like the feeling of your first Amiga all over again!!
My guess for when they would be ready for sale is just for the first production run of Replay boards, which to my understanding are in the process of being assembled now. I don't think it will take more than a few weeks to get them assembled and during that time the testing of the first few boards that have already been distributed to the developers working on testing just the Replay board could be done by then. Maybe it will take more time than that, but not too much I think. I guess it depends on how polished MikeJ requires the code to be before he starts selling that first batch of 50 boards.

After that, I was under the assumption that the second batch of boards were to be factory assembled at a reduced cost than having MikeJ assemble the boards himself. I don't know how many Replay boards MikeJ will have manufactured in the second production run, but if he has the money and sees that there is enough demand, he could do a run of 100 or more boards in the second production run.

Maybe I am wrong in some of my assumptions, as I could have easily misinterpreted a message, or missed something. MikeJ will let us know, he is very good at providing answers at a frequent interval.
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