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Originally Posted by fpgaarcade View Post
It is being tested now. I am not sure what clock speed Jakub is using.
A different soft core is loaded into the main board.

Little early to give pricing for the expansion board. It will be available without the processor and shouldn't me too expensive.
Thanks Mike & Yaqube for all or your answers. I was not sure if I had missed the initial announcement and discussion of this daughter card and perhaps an earlier version or prototype had already been completed and tested, and this photo of the bare board was just a later version, or second prototype, so forgive me for some of the questions that probably seemed impatient or strange.

Thanks also for taking an already great project and turning it into an even greater project that will rival some of the best Amiga computers out in the wild.

So, if I understand a comment made by Mike to another forum member earlier, the redesign of the daughter card will probably fit around the taller stacked joystick & mouse/keyboard ports, instead of sitting higher and on top of those items?

I can see now that a completed Replay board might be ready for sale within the next few weeks, but it will take another few months before we can expect the daughter cards to be available.

I wonder if there will be any chance in the future to merge some of the Natami Super-AGA code into the FPGAArcade Replay board, or will the Natami team feel threatened by the Replay board and withhold that code for use on their product only?

Mike & Yaqube, your constant willingness to answer questions and clearly let everyone know exactly where the progress of these projects are at any given moment has been a breath of fresh air in the Amiga community where there is so much secrecy and general lack of information about what is going on with so many projects in the past. It has prevented 99.9% of your critics from having anything to complain about. Well done gentlemen! Please continue to excel at what you are doing. You have earned the respect and thanks of many admiring Amiga users that are anxious to get their hands on their very own Replay boards and daughter cards when they are available.


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