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The editor is still in an early state - I've yet to add functionality to add or delete a sprite/channel, but it is possible to modify the scripts. You can't yet cut and paste to/from external programs, and saving/loading is currently limited to the immediate location of the JAR file. If you select the Blank example, you can animate up to 5 sprites. (If it doesn't work, try restarting the JAR).

It doesn't yet support all of AMAL, but much of it already works. You can't yet add or import more sprite images, however the source is provided, so it's possible to play about with the resource files.

The spirit of this project is closer to AROS than UAE, or closer to ScummVM than DOSBox. Perhaps also comparable with Wine, although it is a much smaller and more obscure project than any of these. It's not a true emulator, but an interpreter with a high-level cross-platform reimplementation of a vintage API.
(It's also just within my current programming abilities. )

Complete guide to AMAL from the AMOS Pro manual

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