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Originally Posted by AmigaDave View Post
Has a working prototype of the pictured expansion board been completed and tested yet?
It's not possible to do that in a few days. I expect it to be done in a few months.

If yes, what clock speed was used for the 68060?
I have a rev 6 CPU and expect it to be running at 100 MHz or even over.

When the expansion board is attached, is a different FPGA core loaded without the 020 softcore, or do you use the same code loaded into the FPGA with the 020 softcore being disabled if the expansion board is detected?
Initially it will be done with a different core. But later it may also include the soft CPU core.

What amount of RAM is planned on the expansion 060 card?
I have 128 MB of SDRAM. It will run with the same clock speed as the CPU does.

How is the Ethernet stack & driver loaded, with the FPGA core code, or after the Amiga Workbench is up and running?
It's expected to be loaded at the time of booting. We can have 2 MB of ROM space (and some more auto-config space) but not all drivers are romable.

the Micro-SD card for storage, like a hard drive?
Exactly. It's intended to be directly accessed as a Amiga hard drive. With the help of DMA the transfer rates will be much higher than with a hard file.

Are the USB ports supported through Poseiden, or the new USB stack available from Aminet (forgot the name of it)?
We are going to use Poseidon.

Finally, will the expansion board be available within the next few months, or is the projected completion date further off and what is the estimated price for the expansion board?
I hope to finish the design in a few months, meanwhile Mike will redesign the daughter board for the production version of the Replay board. That's the plan.
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