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Floppy disk jAMAL alpha 0.41 and source release

jAMAL source release:

Alpha 0.4 was the first source release on SourceForge. BSD Licence pending.
- is now importable into Eclipse IDE under "Existing Projects into Workspace".
- It should now be buildable out of the box. (JGame libraries are in 'jgame' directory.)
- It should also build out of the box with replaced with a jAMAL-exported Java file. Enjoy!

jAMAL alpha 0.41:

Changes from alpha 0.4
- Tidied up and refactored the Java source. It's now tidier and produces a smaller JAR file.
- Now launches in jAMAL/src/jamal/ (instead of in jgame-sample/src/mygame/)

Attached version includes runnable JAR file, documentation and full source archive.
This and further updates will be available from (Edit: now working)


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