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OMG. I used to love my +3. What an amazing machine.

I have to say that, when I upgraded to an Amiga 500, my initial reaction was one of disappointment... It just didn't seem as fun, for all the amazing graphics. Of course, that soon passed and I loved my Amiga, too.

I seem to be the only person who remembers this, but: Before the Spectrum "died" CodeMasters released a CD with a ton of their games on... FOR THE SPECTRUM. It came with an audio cable that you plugged into the back of your Spectrum (where your tape player would plug in) and you used a normal CD player to load your games.

Apparently it loaded games at 10x the speed (or something similar).

Does anyone else remember this?

Also: This "re-releasing" of the Spectrum is lame if it's really just an emulator and keyboard. There's such amazing potential for this thing, especially with the WOS website making 99% of Spectrum games available without copyright problems. (Those guys rock!)

They could hook this machine into it and have leaderboards, listing popularly played games, etc.
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