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Originally Posted by doble07 View Post
Hi all!!!

I just recently update a bit all my emulatos:

- AmiMSX v3.2 (april 2009)
- AmiGameBoy v0.96 (april 2009)
- AmiMasterGear v0.91 (april 2009)

- AmiPC-Engine v0.1 (January 2011)

All them are now 100% compatible with SCALOS and I removed the 'key file' request to run.

I updated a lot AmiPC-Engine, you can now play a bit many games, but the AGA can't show all possible colors...

I am not working on them seriously, it is only a bit update!

Have fun!

For those of us that don't know much about your emulators, a more detailed description of what they are and what they can run would be helpful on your website. For instance, AmiGameBoy is very obvious, but what is AmiPC-Engine and what games can it run? Is it a MSDOS emulator for the Amiga that runs only MSDOS based games, or does it run Windows games, or is it something else?

I love having my Amigas emulate other systems and types of PC's, so thanks for your work on these projects. It is great showing off how versatile an Amiga can be.
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