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Originally Posted by amiga_user View Post
I hate the fact that SetPatch 44+ has dropped this copyright string "Copyright (c) 1985-1993 Commodore-Amiga, Inc. All Rights Reserved."

That's why I stick with the old setpatch by Commodore.

Now, I'm wondering if someone can hack setpatch 44+ in order to put back the old copyright string.

PeterK ?? Anyone ??
Hmm, V44 was made by Haage&Partner in 1999 or so, AFAIK, Commodore-Amiga was already dead for long at that time. Correct me, if I'm wrong. But I've lost about 9000 DM (German Mark) with my Commodore shares in those days when they finally went bankrupt.

Since that time when I lost my money I don't care about the Copyright of the AmigaOS anymore in terms of paying for any software again. The last thing I bought was Workbench and Kickstart 1.3.

Sure, I could change the Copyright string of SetPatch, workbench.library or even icon.library but I don't want to start a lawsuit. Btw, these two libraries have been written by Olaf (Olsen) Barthel. Sorry, I don't know the author of SetPatch v44. Icon.library will become completely OpenSource as soon as I've finished rewriting it.

But why should someone care about a non-existing Copyright ??

Here, you may find what're looking for:

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