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Hello, I live in Canada and am an old Amiga fan. I still have an old A500 (with an Action Replay cartridge), an A2000 (with a flickerfixer board) and an A1200 (with 32 mb expansion card in the slot) sitting around. I've not used them in over 10 years because my last Amiga monitor (purchased from the Canadian C= warehouse after C= went under) died. I ended up going to the Windows world in the late 1990s (the lure of new software). Windows is much better than it once was but isn't the same. I also dabble in GNU/Linux a bit (Puppy, Knoppix & Ubuntu) and thinking of leaving for either Knoppix or Ubuntu. Being in Canada, all of my Amigas are NTSC, not PAL versions. Does anyone know of a decent VGA monitor that is compatible with my flicker-fixed A2000? And is there a hardware converter for the A500 and A1200 which will allow me to to connect such a VGA monitor to their video output ports? Thanks in advance for any reply. BTW, I should mention that my favourite Amiga game is Arkanoid. I was originally going to buy an MS-DOS machine until I saw Arkanoid running on an A500, which instead became my first computer.
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