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I need it in so you don't pickup stuff you don't need to pick up. Some places it is not possible to jump over items. Even your video shows you leaving stuff behind to come back for later. Health etc., letters that make up EXTRA.
Thats because with savestates i didnt really need those - as for health, when health is full, it wouldnt pick it up of course
But if you dont want to change that, mabye just make the weapons auto pickup, as for those theres no point NOT to pick them up

I've made some changes with this. I'm not liking with the lines/points thing above the guys head, but I've gone half way with you on this one. It's maybe not quiet how you maybe wanted, but it's something that keeps the original game play intact, and won't have people shouting you spoilt my game. The way they work now.......
  • Standing + throwing the grenade works the same as the original.
  • Running then throwing grenade, extends its distance (new).
  • Crouch + Grenade = Rolls grenade at a slow speed. Less bouncing. Used for rolling down stairs or off cliff with enemies below (new).
  • Crouch + Direction + Grenade, same as above, but with greater distance and speed (new).
Yeah the line might destroy the atmosphere, but i was thinking kinda like in Worms to help the player aim - but its better without.
Good changes - but one more thing - when the grenade touches an enemy can you make it instant explode? That way its abit less random compared to the original where it was pure luck

That's already in now, but thinking of removing it. Every time it happens i can not afford the cleaning bill.
Make it an option in the menu?

You trying to kill me?
Yes, i would kill alot of people for an awesome looking AGA version of AFF

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