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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
David, I found in Lemonamiga this text:

There is some kind of background story. Has this text (at least partially) been written by you or is based on your original?
Hi, when people bought the full version, I sent with the disc a printed instruction sheet. The Arsehole, erm I mean the person, who uploaded the full version to the internet must have typed it out (back in 1995) .

Originally Posted by alkis21 View Post
Hello David and thank you for a great game and a very interesting read. I'm one of the people who discovered Alien Fish Finger quite late but thoroughly enjoyed it. I can prove it as I proposed it to EABers in three different threads. I like the charityware idea too.
Happy you like. You can be my chief AFF forum spammer when I get the updates released .

Originally Posted by ScHlAuChi View Post
Great - i have some more suggestions:
Currently you have to crouch to pickup stuff, why not make it auto-pickup by touching?
I need it in so you don't pickup stuff you don't need to pick up. Some places it is not possible to jump over items. Even your video shows you leaving stuff behind to come back for later. Health etc., letters that make up EXTRA.

Originally Posted by ScHlAuChi View Post
Grenade throwing is very unprecise, why not do it by holding down fire button - then a white line of points, like 5 or so appears and you can control the direction by pressing in the 8 directions - once you release fire its thrown and explodes on impact - no bouncing and waiting.
I've made some changes with this. I'm not liking with the lines/points thing above the guys head, but I've gone half way with you on this one. It's maybe not quiet how you maybe wanted, but it's something that keeps the original game play intact, and won't have people shouting you spoilt my game. The way they work now.......
  • Standing + throwing the grenade works the same as the original.
  • Running then throwing grenade, extends its distance (new).
  • Crouch + Grenade = Rolls grenade at a slow speed. Less bouncing. Used for rolling down stairs or off cliff with enemies below (new).
  • Crouch + Direction + Grenade, same as above, but with greater distance and speed (new).

Originally Posted by ScHlAuChi View Post
If theres more blood now, why not have it leave decals on the walls?
That's already in now, but thinking of removing it. Every time it happens i can not afford the cleaning bill.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Originally Posted by ScHlAuChi View Post
To be fair - i used savestates and edited out my major fails
Probably going to make a longplay of the new updated version too - this time with all secret areas
Why you cheating %^&*# . ooh another long play vid. cool

Originally Posted by ScHlAuChi View Post
Did you ever think about making an AGA version with all graphics updated to 256 colors?
Could make the game even more awesome
You trying to kill me? :

Originally Posted by XDelusion View Post
I kind of feel the same about the blood. If perhaps maybe it could be made as an option to turn on or off perhaps?...
Option already listed, see my post #48.
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