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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Hard drive performance for IDE is a function of CPU power so loading directories with 10's of game icons (or drawer icons) will benefit from a faster CPU.
Faster CPU, faster drive access in the A1200. Ok, currently it's a 2-4GB IDE drive, i'm looking to upgrade it in due time, heading in the flash direction, but it's still a IDE device, so the same applies. It's actually a matter of controlling the IDE buss, rather then access, and bandwidth, i think? (as in issuing commands to the drive/responding to the drive)

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
If you've ever used a high end PC with full performance WinUAE settings (JIT etc.) to emulate AmigaOS / Workbench you have unfortunately been spoiled and will probably find the real Amiga painfully slow.
Never did much UAE. Used WinUAE to set up the harddrive, and transfer a bunch of files to it from the PC, other then that, not much gaming, or working on it. Finaly got my Amiga hooked to a TV that was willing to display the output yesterday, and the workbench environment wasn't painfully slow, but then, i just looked around real quick to see what was on it, and then went to play K-240.

Originally Posted by AndyLandy View Post
Oh wow! I never realised quite what a difference an accelerator made to Frontier. I used to play it on an A500+ and it was slow as hell. I'm sure it's not even that smooth on my stock A3000/25. Hmm, time for a strategy rethink...
It looked neat in that youtube clip, indeed. I just have a fear that it will turn out harder to shoot down attackers due to the higher framerate. As i remeber Frontier Elite II was a lot harder on my PC then it was on the Amiga. (A1200 vs Dual Pentium 120MHz) Gameplay was a lot smoother on the PC but... I still ended up playing on the Amiga for a looooong time.

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