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Hardware resourses needed for WHDload on Amiga1200?

I asked this question in the thread about the ACA 1230 accelerators, but it sorta got swallowed up, with the more important issues going on in there.

I see some places list ACA 1230 with a MMU. with respect of having it to run a WHDload system would it be any difference? I remember there being a bit of back and forth on the MMU earlier in the thread, but i cant seam to find a conclusion as to what would be best / most bang for once buck. (Ok, so most the MMU units i see are refurbs, offered at the same price as the original 28MHz units. So price seams to be of very little importance.)

The alternatives are ACA1230/28 With, or without MMU or ACA 1230/42, or even 1230/56. The later one is unlikely, since it's out of stock everywhere i look. The ONLY thing this system is going to be used for is gaming. Would a faster accelerator (42/56MHz flavors) make a noticeable difference, and the same goes for the addition of the MMU. Seeing as WHDload's are created to run on a multiple of different systems i assume more CPU never hurts, but that extra features are more or less a waste of time, and effort.

If anyone with some insight could help me out here, i'd be putting down a order for a accelerator in the next few days.
Thank you all for your time.

(Oh... I hope this was the right section of the forum?)
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