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1. Removed jumper 15 mainly because I needed another one for the HxC it also made a few more games work like killing gameshow and hunter.

2. Decided that I can't fit the HxC LCD screen on the front panel of the CDTV and I'd rather it not be external. Needs a rethink

3. Realised that the HxC buttons are a pain to use. I can't get the HxC auto booting interface to work as I don't have a keyboard. Looks good though.

4. Can't get drive 2 DF1 to work on HxC, needs more learning

5. The new video cable arrived. It's absolutely brilliant, night and day compared to composite video.

6. Bought some a500 chips, will check if one is an ecs Denise

HDD Question : If I need a CDTV SCSI interface AND a SCSI to IDE adapter then it seems like if I can't find a CDTV SCSI adapter then the option of a HDD is scuppered?

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