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HI guys,
thanx for the responses -
I wondered what was going on - no, I am not using classic WB, I have WB3.1 from my origional disks installed on both hdds. One is a amigakit flashcard that was part preconfigured with whdload on it and required the floppies to instal. The other is a HDD i configured with your help .
The miggy with the flashcard is an Amiga technologies 1200, 3.1rom with blizzard 030 and fpu expansion card.
the other miggy is currently 3.0rom and currently unexpanded - i am going to use this machine as one I can move around and take to work etc etc
I do have several other verions of workbench but all are either the 20+ year old floppies or cd 3.9.. Thought it would be easier to just use WB3.1 because for games at least, it would be easy to swap drives between machines if needed?
I have easy adf transfer kit and I have a install of workbench lite on the flascard that I use with a boot flopy as a temporary pcmcia hdd.
I was picking up the flashcard using wblite but it would be much easier just to be able to have the 3.1 installs pick the pcmcia drive up to transfer files
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