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Like others have said, the ACA1230/28 is a CPU accelerator (68030@28MHz) with 64MB FastRAM on it. They're retailing for ~£85, which is a fantastic price. If your budget will stretch to that, I'd go for it.

If you want to go for something less, pay less for it! Roughly don't pay more than:
£70 for an '030 that's limited to 4/8 MB FastRAM
£55 for an '020 that's limited to 4/8 MB FastRAM
£40 for a plain 4/8 MB FastRAM card

Don't buy a PCMCIA SRAM card, it'll be slow as hell and probably quite pricey too.

I bought a 4MB card on Amibay a few months ago (before the ACAs were announced) and paid about £50, including shipping and some other bits and pieces. I'm very happy with it in my A1200.
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