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DJCruicky: WOW, looks like we are about to get more than we ever imagined!!!

Sorry if I sounded a bit jaded up above. I'm always happy to see people who are willing to selflessly sacrifice to something that could be so helpful to so many lives, though from personal experience and a little insight, I would like to suggest maybe donating to an organization who's primary focus in cancer research is in the food industry? That or perhaps in relation to living in a machine based/media gadget based environment?

I know it would be going once again to another shadowy cabal of individuals who we must trust on blind faith, but I feel that in the long run that that is where the most benefits to such research would take place. After all, you never hear about people in the Rain Forest dying of cancer. The natives in America were getting along just fine before civilization conquered them. In fact there seems to be a trend, where ever civilization as we know it goes, cancer follows. Hmmm.

Thankx again and keep up the good will!!!
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