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Cool, vid, I've saw that before, really well played. Thank you for doing. Some of the bug fixes in the new version are in-fact a result of watching this video (still coming I promise).
Great - i have some more suggestions:
Currently you have to crouch to pickup stuff, why not make it auto-pickup by touching?
Grenade throwing is very unprecise, why not do it by holding down fire button - then a white line of points, like 5 or so appears and you can control the direction by pressing in the 8 directions - once you release fire its thrown and explodes on impact - no bouncing and waiting.
If theres more blood now, why not have it leave decals on the walls?
How about some more weapon varity, thats pretty much the only major problem as none of the upgrades are really interesting.
Could be as simple as a spreadshot aka Turrican or a higher firing rate like the Dogs of War Minigun with less damage per bullet - or how about a 8-way shot like contra - just to have some more varity.

I do not have plans to release the Map Editor sorry. It is far from user friendly, plus you would need programming skills not just the Art skills in you to work it.
Too bad, would have been nice anyway to tinker around and see some new levels being made
Well maybe you change your mind in the future

After watching 'ScHlAuChi's' AFF video, I saw he finished the game without losing a life (show off ), that could be an Achievement too.
To be fair - i used savestates and edited out my major fails
Probably going to make a longplay of the new updated version too - this time with all secret areas

Did you ever think about making an AGA version with all graphics updated to 256 colors?
Could make the game even more awesome

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