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Originally Posted by Aberuns View Post
Thanks for the responses, I will keep an eye out on here and Amibay. Glad you told me that £60 - £70 is inflated as I was the other day about to pay £60 for a 4Mb ram card.

I was thinking of a budget of about £60 so I may hold out and see if I can get an accelerator then. If I do go down this route is there a card you would suggest (speed etc)
For £60 you should be able to get a Blizzard 1220/4, Apollo 1220 or even an M-Tec/Viper 1230 Accelerator which as well as adding 4/8mb ram will give your workbench a nice little boost, about 2-3x as fast as a standard A1200 with Ram Upgrade.

Workbench will be a lot more responsive and you could dabble in the odd emulator/3D game if you wanted to. Although they wont really benefit unless you spend out on a faster card like a Blizzard 1230 MkIV.

Somewhere in the middle you have the new ACA cards, these are brand new released in 2010 and you can find them at Amigakit.

You should be able to fine a 4/8mb upgrade would be about £40

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