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Originally Posted by Aberuns View Post
Do I need an accelerator card, if so what type should I get, or will a Ram expansion be enough?
For what you are saying you want, you don't need an accelerator card.

For an Amiga 1200 to be a good WHDLoad machine, all you need is some fast RAM, 4M should be plenty..

I had (have, but not installed) an 8M Fast RAM card that I had jumpered to 4M (I could use a software program to enable the other 4M if needed) and that was plenty. I never needed to even add the other 4M for WHDLoad games. They just worked and worked nicely..

Now, I said "have, but not installed".. Why? I got an accelerator with RAM.

For not much more money than I paid for my RAM card, I got the accelerator.

If you can get a really good deal on the RAM card, you'll be happy with it. But for not much more you can usually find an Accelerator/RAM card...

Either way, you score...
In the words of a great American, "Duh, Winner!!"

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