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Yes, i am very interested now with the Macintosh, i have read and looking for informations trough the internet about the Mac.
Some fan site of the mac have explain why i must choose a Mac and not a pc wintel.
And they have right for all things that they have write about wintel against Macintosh.

When i have read the technical data specification for the PowerMac G4... Woaw, very impressive.
In fact, all what you buy appart for the pc is in standard shipped with the PowerMac and for a better quality on the Mac too.
The prize of this PowerMac is then not too much for this GREAT QUALITY.
In fact, the Mac have the best quality/prize than the wintel computer for a perfect stability/easy to use (like the worbench) system.

Can i say that the PowerMac IS what Amiga will be if he whas not dead ?
I suppose that all Amiga lovers have buying an Mac and not an wintel PC ?

Yes Akira, the Macintosh seem to be the best platform for all what i want to do.
Personnaly, i don't need to be Pc/wintel compatible.
I just need to have a GOOD, STABLE, and EASY TO USE computer.
I have a good knowledge of programming, and of the hardware/software of the pc, and that is why i say that the Pc wintel is never been the computer solution.
Too bad that the marketing from Microsoft take away a lot of people from this powerfull Macintosh computer.

Yes, fredtgreat, this is a great site for emulation
I find it yesterday, in the night while i whas looking for informations about the Mac.
They have all emulators that i need: Amiga, spectrum, nes/Snes, C64 and Atari.
For retro-gaming on the Mac, there will never a problem

Mmmmmh, i like the Mac
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