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Hi all,
I've been meaning to post this list all week now but finally is done, please find another list of updates I've done for AFF. Some of which I may have already mentioned. These updates are not something I've just did this last week, but over a few months on and off.
  • New Trigger routine for enemy entrances. Before enemies would enter the screen after a set number of seconds. Now the game has been programmed to also allow enemies to enter screen if player moves to an invisible trigger zone instead of waiting a set amount of time. The trigger zone can be as large or as small as I like. This has gave me more freedom to place enemies in relation to where the player is. A combination of both Trigger and Time can be used too. All for better game play.
  • Added rain to some of the outside levels. Expect Frank to get wet .
  • MORE BLOOD! ALIEN Fish Finger had blood, but now it has more. Added an extra blood routine to skater blood from shot enemies and player (A1200 only). Added option in config menu to turn it off or on. Option is also saved to disc. Screens with rain, blood is disabled to maintain FPS.
  • Easy, Medium & Hard modes added. Option also saved to disc. Points given on entering a new screen:
    300 points on Easy
    500 points on Medium
    750 points on Hard mode
  • Changed some things with big Bosses.
  • Cropping Enemies off the edge of the screen. If a player leaves a screen full of enemies then reenters the same screen, the game now makes sure no enemy is within 50 pixels of the player. This should hopefully reduce player from getting swamped before even getting a chance to shoot.
  • Made many many small level tweaks.
  • Enemy dead bodies now remain on the screen when you walk off that screen then back on.
  • 200 player dead body positions now get saved to disc. Before, for whatever reason, was only 20.
  • Fixed bug where bonus items disappear while still bouncing if player leaves the screen then re-enters.
  • Destructible objects now crumble and fall to the ground in small pieces when shot. (A1200 only).
  • The game now remembers more bullet holes (even more if playing on a A1200 or above). This was done more so for level 2 UFO Boss. The bit where you have to shoot through a big pile of rocks. If the player goes for a walk around the map, the shot out holes should still be there saving the player from having to shoot through them again.
  • Game remembers grenade holes now too.
  • Added water droplets dripping from cave Stalactites.
  • Added NTSC support for our American and Canadian friends. I've combined this with a new screen configuration menu. There will now be no problems of the top or bottom of the screen being cut off during game play.
  • Updated read me Manual.

I hope that lot has wet your appetites.

DJ Cruicky

Amigapd was kind to interview me on his website. Some of it he copy and pasted from my original post, and some is new HERE. Thank you to him.

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
OF COURSE IT IS!! Thats just wonderful, it will add a lot of new challenge to AFF! A trophy for killing that damn UFO close to the start of the last level I cant even hit it.
That can be done

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