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Originally Posted by roberthazelby View Post
Haven't played this yet, but still gave a donation. Anyone who is still supporting the humble Amiga and doing their bit for charity is worth donating to in my opinion.
Thank you for the donation .

Originally Posted by XDelusion View Post
It's you!!!! AFF is one of the best games EVER!!!!!!!

I don't have much atm, but did make a donation. May send more in the future. Thank you for all your work!!!!! I still play the crap out of that game after all these years!
Thanks for the dosh too. A die hard AFF veteran you sound sir. Sorry for your lose of your friend.

Originally Posted by ScHlAuChi View Post
I really liked this game - fantastic work DJCruicky!

For those ppl who are too lazy to play it - heres a longplay i did ages ago:
[ Show youtube player ]

*edit* How about releasing the editor so people could make their own levels?
Cool, vid, I've saw that before, really well played. Thank you for doing. Some of the bug fixes in the new version are in-fact a result of watching this video (still coming I promise). I do not have plans to release the Map Editor sorry. It is far from user friendly, plus you would need programming skills not just the Art skills in you to work it.

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I have a feeling you missed one secret passage in hoverbomber level. I think it is there, I have to try it. On the other hand you gave me a clue about another one, which I couldn work out how to reach.
You guys taking about the secret rooms etc, yes, there are a number not found on that vid. This brings me to my next idea...
I've been pondering over the idea of making an Achievements menu page. I got the idea from playing Steam games on the PC. Basically, you would get trophies for completing stuff in the game. Example: get trophies each for completing the game in Easy, Medium, and Hard mode. Find trophies in the secret hidden areas; get a big trophy for finding them all. After watching 'ScHlAuChi's' AFF video, I saw he finished the game without losing a life (show off ), that could be an Achievement too. Or also, to touch on 'Predseda' idea, trophy could be given for completing the game with only the basic low powered gun or guns. I'll have them saved to disc too. You would not get a prize from me for completing them all . Is this achievements thingy something that would be wanted? Any idea on any other achievements that would be good, if wanted?

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