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Emerald Mine Cave Editor 2.1a - Experts wanted !


does anyone here have some experience with 'Emerald Mine Cave Editor 2.1a' by No One Inc. ?
I try to create a Level 1 for Teamwork, but I cannot figure it out, how to initialize this Level 1.
In level 0 it works, because there's a preinstalled Level 0 for Single AND for Teamwork on disk.
When I save or load the level 0, I always get the option SINGLE or TEAM.
With Level 1 or other levels I don't get this option.
So what can I do ?
Maybe just copy the level 1(single) - file to a new level 1(team) file ?
Actually I don't have any clue, how the level files are named. Which ones are the single and the team files ?

Another thing is: How can I exchange the title screen with an iff-image created in dpaint 2 ?

Any advices are welcome.

In autumn 2011 there is an annual fair in our very small village (ca. 300 inhabitants) and I want to organize an 'Emerald Mine Contest' for
the kids and maybe a couple of adults.
My goal is to create ca. 10 levels for Single/Team - mode running on a real Amiga.

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