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First in the name of gods-country I have to say thanks for your concern about the sites situation. Especially RCK for offering hosting and Cody Jarret who PM me about the costs and wants to donate money to avoid permanet closure of the website. I think its a very generous gesture to offer his own hard earned money to keep a website alive. Which leads to the question if somebody else is willing and able to donate.

I had contact with the host yesterday - the amout in question is 68 € (Euro) to be paid at the end of the week (Friday).

Well, asking for money is a delicate matter and personally I feel a bit uncomfortable here, anyway money is what is needed to get the site back online. If someone is willing to spend a few Euros via PayPal for this cause, post the amount you want to donate in this thread and PM me for my PayPal Address.

Thanks in advance.
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