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I did something similar way back in the 90s for a friend's party. I used a Technosound Turbo MIDI adapter (I'm sure that was the model... I've still got it somewhere) and Octamed Pro running up to 64 channels (although I think, in reality, we only used 16!!). The sound was generated by my mate's uncle's Korg, so the sound was pretty fantastic! Remember, MIDI is only the signal. If you have a good enough sound generator you can get professional sound controlled by any device capable of communicating via MIDI.

We also ran a couple of audio-visual demos on a huge 33" CRT TV Vision Megademo IV never looked so good! The audio for the demos was piped through my Kenwood pro-logic amp and, at the time, seemed brilliant. Whether or not it would hold up today remains to be seen - I've got a Korg Piano Generator which can be controlled by my Acer Aspire One Netbook. Small, light and pro-sounding.

Best of luck with the project and let us know how you get on
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