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Correction, when I made my post and donation I had not yet read the full thread, I just wanted to give dude man the long over due money he deserved. Now having seen where the money is going, I will not be making any future donations. I lost a close VERY close friend to cancer...

...well malpractice after his bone marrow transplant operation, but that's another story all together. I also have been working in the health field for 15 years and well...

I'll just say I wish now that my money was going to the author.

That said, moving on...

I want to say THANK YOU again so very very much! I can not wait for the updates and I'm glad to have finally found you to let you know how much this game has meant to me through the years. Seriously, it has gotten more game time than most of my professionally written games by large corporations such as Nintendo and the like.

So thank you!!!! And I second the notion for a sequel or at least a release of your map editor.
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