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Originally Posted by CDTV1991 View Post
where could I find a SCSI to IDE adapter and how much?
Finding a SCSI->IDE adapter is fairly easy (if expensive). Finding the CDTV SCSI host card is practically impossible.

There are three known to work with Amiga SCSI host cards.

1) Acard AEC-7720U and they sell on eBay USA for about $45 cheapest. You'll need to find a way to get it to the UK (i.e. a USA EAB member). They come up in the UK but for many times more.

2) Yamaha V769970, these came with an old SCSI CD-ROM drive they sell about £30-60 on eBay UK.

3) I-O Data R-IDSC-E/R these were available for about £50 but prices have doubled recently

I got a load of these... but they are 2.5" SCSI

Much cheaper and practical to fit an IDE68k if you want a hard drive. But as you probably know this rules out / makes it impractical to add a memory upgrade.

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