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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
get a sampler, find some software and do some realtime sound effects
and tell us how you get on,
I fear the sound quality with a 8 bit sampler and realtime effects like TechnoSoundTurbo software wouldn`t good enough.

I guess there don`t exists any software for live music performance. Of course you can use an A1200 just for fun. About 10-15 years ago Amigashockforce used two A1200 + soundcard + digiboosterpro for live act. Maybe it depends on what kind of music/style/result/art/... you plan. You can have a look at sound/mod-player, sampling/midi software but how handy that is I don`t know. Just play some samples via keyboard is easy by using tracker software like protracker, octamed, digiboosterpro.
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