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Hey all
I have a GP2x and I am waiting for my Pandora.
I suppose its all down to expectations - what do you want out of hendheld emu gaming?
I got a GP2x expecting to be able to play loads of amiga and c64 games anywhere. It took a fair bit of hard work, as I had no experience of emu's I just played lots on the old systems back in the day.
First i needed to learn how to use all the emulators. but for actual gaming the most difficult problem is virtual keyboard and power supply - my experience was that the amiga and c64 games I wanted to play needed to use several keyboard keys and joystick+shoulder buttons etc. Also its took me ages to get all my old amiga and c64 titles working, and a mobile gp2x eats good quality recharble batteries for breakfast...
But saying this I love the GP2x - It is much better for emulated games than any of the modern mobile and touchscreen stuff i own. I use it for mame and amiga and atari ST emu. It eats batterys and is best in its mains caddy playing mame games on tv out; or playing mobile ST games!!!!!!!!
i have never really tried to get PS 1 games running but have got dosbox going fine.
I cant speak for the pandora yet as mine hasnt got here - i dont expect it to be hassle free. If you want 'full' handheld emu capability across a number of systems and loads [1000's????] of old games, you have to accept that things arnt simple and may be pricey.
so in short - I dont like retro gaming on modern touch screens.
Love the gp2x - for what it is, not what it is not - its travelled the world with me
And reckon i am gonna love the panny
have fun
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