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PSP is the cheapest option, does Amiga at a decent speed PSPUAE is still being updated, and it can run the majority of games i throw at it.

It has near perfect NES/SNES emulation. The NES/SNES emulators also have basic WLAN 2 player modes, which tend to go out of sync sometimes. It can also emulate PS1's 100% perfectly, a 2 player WLAN mode for PS1 games was also available but its more buggy than the SNES ones. It can emulate N64 sluggishly, Super Mario 64 runs at 80-100% of full speed, 80% in busy areas. Most other games around 60-75%. Although the N64 emulator for it is updated every few days, and is getting better all the time.

Basically anything less powerful than an N64 should run fairly well on it.

Ideally you want a PSP-2000, as they're easy to put CFW on and have the most RAM. (equal to the 3000, but easier to put CFW on) Although with recent PSP/PS3 hacks, it may be just as easy to hack the PSP-3000.

Although if money is a big issue, a 1000 will be cheaper, and even easier to put CFW on. It only has 32mb of RAM compared to the 2000/3000 64MB, but few homebrew programs take advantage of the extra RAM. It mainly means games will load ever so slightly faster on 2000/3000's.

Used PSP should cost around 50.
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