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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Dont use makecd.

Use the isocd that comes with Commodore CD32 devkit. It lets you setup the iso as bootable with inclusion of CDTV.TM file.

I normally mount my windows desktop as a drive, then tell isocd to create iso there, so I can burn it with any app I want.
I used ISOCD and tried the ISO image in WinUAE, the "CDTV from Commodore" black and white screen shows but went no further.

I then added RMTM file to the C folder and added RMTM as the first item in the startup sequence. Then it works ok.

Tested an ISO image in a WinUAE CDTV config and it works ok, but while loading it says "pure bit not set" about 5 times. There must be some stuff in the startup sequence that should be removed. I have no idea how to work this out though.

I may risk burning another coaster to see if it is not a WinUAE problem

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