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Originally Posted by phipscube View Post
I would maybe be interested in something based on the X1000 in a wedge case, Call it the X500 and sell it for €400 then i'd be in. The only way i'd even consider buying an X1000 would be if the Board gets sold seperately and I can use any old case to put it in (or buy the "official" parts individually too... they made a start with the keyboard, mouse and case).
I think I'm of a similar opinion. If the complete unit costs around £400, or the PCB costs no more than £250, I'd be really interested in adding one to the collection.

I wouldn't for one moment think it would take the Amiga to a level of popularity it once had, but I'd have fun just tinkering around on it.

£1500 - sorry, far, far too much to me, but perhaps I can hope that these initial units could lead to some cheaper revisions further down the line.

Well, I can but hope.
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