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Originally Posted by phipscube View Post
I would maybe be interested in something based on the X1000 in a wedge case, Call it the X500 and sell it for 400 then i'd be in. The only way i'd even consider buying an X1000 would be if the Board gets sold seperately and I can use any old case to put it in (or buy the "official" parts individually too... they made a start with the keyboard, mouse and case).
I think I'm of a similar opinion. If the complete unit costs around 400, or the PCB costs no more than 250, I'd be really interested in adding one to the collection.

I wouldn't for one moment think it would take the Amiga to a level of popularity it once had, but I'd have fun just tinkering around on it.

1500 - sorry, far, far too much to me, but perhaps I can hope that these initial units could lead to some cheaper revisions further down the line.

Well, I can but hope.
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