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Originally Posted by CDTV1991 View Post
I'm trying to make a bootable Workbench CD by using the instructions on:

I have MakeCD and the CDTV.TM file and a working WinUAE setup.

I'm trying to burn the contents of the Workbench 1.3 disk to a CD disc image, then I'm testing it in WinUAE. However the CD image just turns the CDTV screen red when I try to run it from a WinUAE CDTV config.

If I mount an extracted version of the disc image as a hard drive in WinUAE with an A500 config running or a CDTV config with no extended ROM then it starts up ok.

If I turn off the extended rom and get rid of the hard drive then run the CD disc image as if it was a real CD then the normal A500 insert disc screen shows

Any advice?

I can get an A500 config to load the disc image as a hard drive, but not as a CD ISO image. My startup sequence is as follows:

Addbuffers df0: 10c:SetPatch >NIL: ;patch system functions
cd c:echo "Richie's Test A500/A2000 Workbench disk. Release 1.3 version 34.20*N" Sys:System/FastMemFirst ; move C00000 memory to last in list BindDrivers SetClock load ;load system time from real time clock (A1000 owners should ;replace the SetClock load with Date FF >NIL: -;speed up Text resident CLI L:Shell-Seg SYSTEM pure add; activate Shell resident c:Execute pure mount newcon: ; failat 11 run execute s:StartupII ;This lets resident be used for rest of script wait >NIL: 5 mins ;wait for StartupII to complete (will signal when done)
; SYS:System/SetMap usa1 ;Activate the ()/* on keypad path ram: c: sys:utilities sys:system s: sysrefs add ;set path for Workbench
LoadWB delay ;wait for inhibit to end before continuing endcli >NIL:
Just burn it as described, and boot it in a real CDTV, will work.
I simply, make an iso of the WB1.3 folder and CDTV.TM file, then burnt it using Nero and it worked perfect.
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