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very easily sold my Samflex@800 recently to make way for my new master miggy- X1000

Originally Posted by amiga_user View Post
TheCyberDruid signature reads:

"i couldn't care less of any "future of the amiga". for me the amiga IS the past and that's why i use it. it's a great piece of gear from the past that i like to have fun with."
- skope, October 2010

I totally agree with Skope!
And I wonder, are there any sane persons who don't agree ?
hehe well I'm pretty sane except when my 3 and 6 year olds keep me up all night....all I can say to skope is I still have fun with my classics and I also love to play with a modern amiga to do things that my classics just can't
I'm buying a X1000 for many reasons but the main ones are:

1- I thankfully can(big thanks to A-Eon !)
2- I had such a great experience and more importantly alot of fun with my Samflex@800
3- Like my Samflex, I will have no problems at all selling it in the future if I need to do so (though I strongly doubt it)
4- I hate Apple as much as I love Amiga

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