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Clearly the method of distribution and product acknowledgment (say advertisement Zetr0!) has to come out of the stone age of the 1980's and revise itself for 2010.

While we have some DLC based services and products the simple fact is the pricing is all wrong for what is a broadcast media service. In terms of law and ownership in the UK atleast most DLC products are circumventing peoples statutory rights of ownership and the right to resell what you own.

In a lot of ways large companies that throw 80% of the game budget at advertising deserve to be beaten down, not mentioning EA here, but they really are perhaps the worst offenders of this... not saying there games are bad... for the most part I would say they are generally good and well made.... however... they do "dumb" the games down too much IMHO... its like they only make games for 14 year old's to beat.

I have to admit, I wane from all the "eye-candy" style over substance. The last PC game I bought was the Orange Box a couple of years ago... and that's only because it was at £9.99

the last PS3 Game I bought was Brutal Legends... for £6.99 from cash converters... the most I have ever paid for a new game has to be "Fokelore" for the PS3 that I bought for one of my daughters Christmas presents...and that was only £18.99

If games publishers realized that 80% of the cost is in marketing and take that away from the price of the game, your spanking new StarCraft 2 (retailing in at £35 for the PC) would cost under a tenner and still give them a handsome advertising budget!

I wonder how many more titles would sell at that price????

If you want the world to change... the only vote that counts is the one you make with your wallet.
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