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I would like IDE/CF port in the CD32 also, besides 8MB RAM. A 030 in it would be luxury.

Market is always difficult to estimate, but I think if the price was right many would get one and if the price was not right but not stupid (like 500e) I would still get one

Off course I understand lots of stuff are in the pipeline I am happy it is still not scrapped as an idea!

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Sorry but I don't personally see a big market for CD32 accelerators, yes SX32's go for a lot on eBay but that's just the usual supply and demand thing.

People generally like to upgrade their 600's to make them a better WB machine and to play the more demanding WHDLOAD's (to skip the pain of using floppy discs).

A CD32 as standard can already play lots of original game rips easily straight from CDROM. I think even the market for a new 500 accelerator would be quite small.
I think that is the idea behind ACA for the CD32 also. To make the CD32 into a better WB machine and play more demanding WHDload games. A turbo card without IDE-interface would not be that interesting though.

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