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In the amiga years, and befor on my C64, most of the games i had were pirated games.
Later i got a PS1 and ended on it with about 70 games, all bought games. I'm sure i wouldn't have bought them if i had a good chance to get them pirated from a friend.. the fact that i had my own money and also lazyness probably played a large role there too.

Now i have an xbox 360 and also about 40-50 games, also not a single pirated one. What would i do if i had less money to buy games and the oportunity to get some pirated for free ? I think i would just sell my Xbox... hmm, no maybe not, i would of course get the pirated games ! Non the less is piracy bad, it harms game developers. But games are like drugs, when you are used to them, you don't get off them easy, and you find tons of excuses to explain why it isn't bad, so you feel good yourself moral-wise.

Edit: i think i should stop to post on that thread, i feel already bad to just troubble the good pro-piracy atmosphere

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