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Originally Posted by alkis21 View Post
Do you guys ever wonder "what if"?

What is there was never any software piracy? I mean, how different would our lives be if original software was physically impossible to copy? Or if no one had ever thought of it? Think of a world as the one in the movie The Invention of Lying if you've seen it, only in this case it would be The Invention of Piracy.

We would have played only a small portion of the games. We would have become much better in them. We would have been much more careful before choosing.. and of course we'd have missed many great ones.

Food for thought...
We would have also paid good money for games that are shit! I'm glad for piracy, I buy if it's worth it or if the prequel was good. I'm terrible for ratings too, if it's got poor ratings I won't go near it.
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