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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Sorry but I don't personally see a big market for CD32 accelerators, yes SX32's go for a lot on eBay but that's just the usual supply and demand thing.

People generally like to upgrade their 600's to make them a better WB machine and to play the more demanding WHDLOAD's (to skip the pain of using floppy discs).

A CD32 as standard can already play lots of original game rips easily straight from CDROM. I think even the market for a new 500 accelerator would be quite small.

On my personal 'most wanted' list is of course the IndivisionAGA Mrk2 and an updated SATA/FPGA based Ide-Fix express

Looking much further to the future, a 100 MIPS FPGA based accelerator (using the 020 softcore already in development) with a nice fat wedge of RAM would be very handy
You are probably right about the CD32 and I agree with you that the IndivisionAGA Mk2 and an updated IDE-Fix Express should be a higher priority to get produced first.

Perhaps Jens will have some competition in creating accelerators if MikeJ, the creator of the FPGA Replay Board finishes that project and sees the potential in making an FPGA accelerator board for certain Amiga models. The performance results he is seeing with the 68k softcore w/020 extensions in a FPGA are very impressive, with the possibility of exceeding an 060 in real silicone at some time in the future. MikeJ already has the experience of integrating lots of RAM, so if he (or Jens) could design a FPGA based 68k softcore accelerator with a good amount of RAM and a CF card, or SD card storage controller to replace the need for an IDE hard drive, they would have a good seller. If it also had a USB controller built-in, that would be an even better all-in-one add-on for Classic Amiga models.

Amazing that there is still so much hardware development for a "Dead" 25+ year old platform!
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